Corporate Board Members

The Connecticut HOBY Corporation is the legal entity of HOBY for the State of Connecticut. The Corporation holds an Affiliation Agreement with HOBY International, which provides for the legal right and authority to operate HOBY programs in the Corporation’s given territory. The Corporation is run by volunteer managers on its Corporate Board. The Corporate Board recruits and employs additional volunteers to operate the program components of HOBY including Leadership Seminars, CLeWs, and alumni activities. All program chairs are directly accountable to the Corporate Board.

The Corporation oversees all activities conducted under the HOBY name, has fiduciary responsibility that HOBY programs are operated according to HOBY International standards, and ensures the perpetuation of HOBY through strategic, long-range planning. Specifically, the Corporate Board's primary purpose is to assure that HOBY programs and activities are planned, organized and run according to the goals, policies, guidelines, and definitions of HOBY's International Board of Trustees and/or headquarters office.

Marianne Cavalieri (V’95)

Marianne Cavalieri


Hospital of Special Care

David Charles


John Deere

Terri Saulter



Natalie Gaudette

Alumni Advisor

University of Maryland

Dan Lipman (V’14)

Vice President


Drew Granucci


EF Academy

Mike Roy (CT’09, WLC’09)

Seminar Chair

University of Connecticut