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As an Alumni Association, we operate throughout the year without any expenses. 100% of the money we fundraise goes directly toward the CT HOBY Leadership Seminar.

This annual program is designed to prepare Connecticut’s high school sophomores to become effective, ethical leaders. All aspects of the CT HOBY Leadership Seminar are geared to encourage the HOBY student Ambassador to see leadership as a lifetime goal worth pursuing. Our purpose is to teach students how to think, not what to think.

CT HOBY invites every high school in the state to send one sophomore student to attend our three-day leadership program. The cost for one student to attend the leadership seminar is $350, which includes lodging, food, seminar materials, and operating expenses. To
date, CT HOBY has been able to raise funds for our program through individual, corporate, service, and cooperating organization donations.

CT HOBY is quickly realizing the need to expand our current annual seminar to reach out to more schools. We encourage diversity at HOBY, and it is an important part of our mission to be able to provide scholarships to students in low-income areas to attend our seminar. With this goal in mind, we are working hard to expand our fundraising efforts to be able to support the increasing demand for HOBY’s leadership programs in future years.



The Junior Staff (all volunteers under 21) have a collective team fundraising goal of $12,000–averaging out to about $300 per volunteer. The adult volunteer team also has their own additional goal of $3,500. Meeting our fundraising goals is essential to ensuring that the Seminar runs smoothly and that the 2018 Ambassadors have the same amazing, life-changing experience that our Alumni have had year after year at the Leadership Seminar!


There are so many different, painless ways to raise this money! We’ll briefly cover some of the easiest options to meet and exceed our fundraising goals:

  • Restaurant Nights!
      1. This one’s simple. You reach out to a restaurant (TIP: some of the most popular and profitable have been Chipotle, Panera, and Friendly’s), and apply for a fundraising night. When the date of the fundraiser rolls around, get a bunch of friends and family together, have a nice dinner at the restaurant, and HOBY gets a portion of the moneyraised! Everybody wins!!
  • Retail Stores!
      1. Part of the Seminar costs involve materials that we purchase from stores like Target, Staples, and Costco. Often, these stores will donate gift cards for supplies. All you need to do is go into the store, talk to the manager, explain what HOBY is and what we’re looking for, and be your normal charming self!
  • Lions and Rotary Clubs!
      1. Just about every town has one, and they love helping service organizations like HOBY! Just reach out to your local Lions or Rotary Club with a sponsorship letter, tell them why HOBY is important to you, and often they’ll be more than happy to help!
  • Friends and Family!
    1. Maybe the most straightforward, but no less effective! Post our GoFundMe page on social media, reach out to everyone you know–friends, family, neighbors, teachers, coworkers, you name it. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to contribute; even small donations quickly add up and can go a long way!



Option 1: GoFundMe –

Option 2: PayPal –

Option 3: Mail a check made out to CT HOBY to our Co-Director of Fundraising, Natalie Gaudette. If you would like a mailing address, please contact Natalie at


Last year, our volunteers fundraised over $13,000, so this is definitely an achievable goal! Think of all the amazing Ambassadors who will benefit from attending the 2018 CT HOBY Leadership Seminar! This experience would not be possible without the OUTSTANDING dedication and determination of our volunteers and benefactors!

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