Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome!  You’re about to join an exciting group of individuals who have experienced Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, otherwise known as HOBY. You are in for a life-changing experience over the course of the weekend. And to get ready, you need to know what to expect, right? You also need to know what to bring with you as you prepare for your trip. Take a look and see what’s in store….This information is for the 2020 Seminar.

Where will the seminar be held?

The seminar will take place at Southern Connecticut State University.

When will the seminar be held?

Seminar participants may register any time between 7:00am-8:00am on Friday, May 29th. The seminar will begin with Ambassador Orientation on May 29th at 8:30am and conclude with Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, May 31st from 2:30-4:30pm. Ambassadors must be present for the entire seminar, including overnight.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Check-in will occur at Wilkinson Hall; 158 Farnham Ave, New Haven, CT 06515. A HOBY volunteer will greet you and check you in.

What kind of program is planned?

During your HOBY Leadership Seminar, many dynamic leaders—all volunteers from the fields of business, education, government, and other professions—will address aspects of our changing world and the challenges future leaders will confront. The program will not promote any specific political party, religion, or way of thinking; but is designed to develop critical thinking skills by actively involving participants in discussions and informal debate. During the seminar, you will be asked to undertake community service project(s) involving at least 100 hours during the year following your seminar, to make a difference in your school, community, place of worship, or other environment where you see a need. The program also includes outstanding speakers, leadership activities, social events, and a special closing ceremony to which your parents are invited.

What are the accommodations like?

Participants will be assigned to SCSU residence hall rooms with 2 ambassadors per room, on floors reserved exclusively for the seminar. Ambassadors should bring their own bedding and linens (towels, pillows, blankets, etc.) and toiletries. Everyone will receive nutritious meals, beginning with lunch on Friday, May 29th. On the Medical History Records Form, please indicate any special dietary considerations, including vegetarianism, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What if I need to take medication while I am at the seminar?

Please provide information about your medication on the Medical History Records Form and bring the Physician Medication Verification Form with you to the seminar (documents are included in this form set). Make sure to read and comply with the Policy for Use of Medication During a HOBY Event.

If necessary, how may I be contacted during the seminar?

Parents, friends, and family members are discouraged from calling students during the seminar due to the disruption caused to panels and activities. In case of emergency, your parent(s) or guardian may reach the Leadership Seminar Chairs at The seminar will be chaperoned by qualified adults who will be staying at the facility 24 hours a day.

Who pays for the seminar?

Your school or parent has paid a Registration Fee and will provide transportation to and from the seminar. All costs for meals, lodging and training materials have been generously provided by sponsors throughout our state, including businesses, foundations, individuals, and service organizations wishing to support leadership education.

What should I wear?

Dress is casual throughout the weekend. You will be provided one HOBY t-shirt to wear on Saturday. Sunday’s dress code is “business casual.”

What about religious services?

Religious services are not available at the Connecticut HOBY seminar.

What transportation arrangements have been made?

You are responsible for your transportation to and from the seminar. Please include all details of your itinerary on the enclosed Participant Confirmation Form. If you have last minute transportation problems, please notify the Leadership Seminar Chairs at

What should I do if I’m not sure I can attend the seminar?

If circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the entire seminar, including overnight, we would like to give another student the opportunity to attend. Please return these forms to the person at your school who selected you, and follow up with an email to the Leadership Seminar Chairs at

Who may I contact should I have additional questions?

Additional questions or concerns should be directed to the Leadership Seminar Chairs at

What action should I take now?

With your parent or guardian, carefully review, complete and sign the forms in this set by Wednesday, May 13th.

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