Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome!  You’re about to join an exciting group of individuals who have experienced Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, otherwise known as HOBY. You are in for a life-changing experience over the course of the weekend. And to get ready, you need to know what to expect, right? You also need to know what to bring with you as you prepare for your trip. Take a look and see what’s in store….This information is for the 2018 Seminar.

Where will the seminar be held?

When will the seminar be held?

Where should I go when I arrive?

What kind of program is planned?

What are the accommodations like?

What should I bring/wear?

What if I need to take medication while I am at the seminar?

If necessary, how may I be contacted during the seminar?

Who pays for the seminar?

May I leave and come back during the weekend?

What about religious services?

What transportation arrangements have been made?

When will the program conclude?

Where should I pick up my student??

What should I do if I’m not sure I can attend the seminar?

What happens next?

Who may I contact should I have additional questions?

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