Friends of HOBY

Connecticut HOBY is only made possible through contributions from the community. We have an annual budget for existing programs that exceeds $40,000. Programs that are planned for the near future will, of course, increase our budget accordingly. However, we expend no money for the monthly rent or lease of an office, and have no paid staff or administrative personnel, since our entire staff is comprised of volunteers. One hundred percent of our funds are used for the charitable purposes of our programs. It is our sponsors that make these wonderful programs possible. Sponsorship of high school sophomores ensures that there is no cost to the students, their parents, or the high schools involved in HOBY programs. This is because our sponsors realize that leadership potential can be found in every corner of our state, and the ability to pay should not be a consideration. They also realize that sponsorship of these students leads to the betterment of their own local communities as these students give back to the community after going through a HOBY program. HOBY depends heavily on the generosity of our supporters. Even as we strive to keep our costs low, we feel the effect of increased lodging, transportation, and postage expenses. Our cost per student has risen to more than $350 per student.