Connecticut HOBY is run by a 100% Volunteer Team. Each person involved gives of their time, energy, and passion because we believe in providing quality leadership development and service learning experiences to the youth of our State.

Connecticut HOBY is comprised of several teams to insure that the organization not only completes its day to day tasks, however it also is a sustainable organization that will live on for many years to come. These teams are the; Corporate Board, Seminar Leadership Team, CLeW Leadership Team, Alumni Association, and Parents Association.

The Corporate Board

The Corporate Board oversees all activities conducted under the HOBY name, has fiduciary responsibility that HOBY programs are operated according to HOBY International standards, and ensures the perpetuation of HOBY through strategic, long-range planning. Specifically, a Corporate Board’s primary purpose is to assure that HOBY programs and activities are planned, organized and run according to the goals, policies, guidelines, and definitions of HOBY’s International Board of Trustees and/or headquarters office.

Meet the Members of the Connecticut HOBY Corporate Board by clicking here.

The Seminar Leadership Team

The Seminar Leadership Team is responsible for all aspects of the Annual Seminar. The Team handles the program planning, speaker selection, and recruitment of volunteers and ambassadors. The team is lead by the Leadership Seminar Chair (LSC).

Meet the 2016 Seminar Leadership Team by clicking here.