2015 Seminar Off to an Outstanding Start!

The 2015 seminar is off to an OUTSTANDING start! Shortly after arriving, ambassadors were thrown into bootcamp to learn some HOBY cheers they’d use throughout the weekend. Ambassadors were separated into various groups named around the theme “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” and were introduced to their facilitators and other group members.
Dancing is a huge part of the HOBY way of life, and this year’s seminar hasn’t strayed from the norm! Leadership Seminar Chair (LSC), Chris, encouraged students to dance and get out of their comfort zone, something much easier said than done! Ambassadors were also asked to define leadership, and provided thoughtful answers that would fuel the rest of the weekend.
After a delicious lunch, we traveled back to Dana Hall to hear Ryan “Superman” Moran speak. Moran shared stories of his life and lessons learned with ambassadors, stressing positivity and experiencing new things. Remember – where you go in life is up to you!
Next up was a session lead by an 2007 CT HOBY alum, Natalie, entitled “Commitment to the Cause,” all about finding your passions, learning more about yourself and how you want to change the world.
Teams are now in their groups discussing their ideas and developing their vision for the Non-Profit challenge. The next great organization to help the world may start from tonight’s planning.
Throughout the morning, ambassadors were exposed to their first taste of HOBY life, whether it be cheering or meeting new people or hearing amazing presentations. The rest of today and the weekend are sure to be just as OUTSTANDING!

Tess Harkin