2015 Seminar Theme

We are excited to announce the Theme of the 2015 Connecticut HOBY Leadership Seminar!

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

We selected this theme to drive home the message that no matter where you find yourself, one must step up and be the leader one needs to be! Ellen Quintana, a 2014 HOBY Alum and a student at Mercy High School, who is the artist of the 2015 program cover (seen below) says;

To me the phrase “bloom where you are planted” means, where ever you are dropped find good soil and start to grow good roots. This way you have a good base to help you grow and achieve your goals. The HOBY leadership seminar I too went helped refine my leadership skills and showed me there are many ways to bloom as an outstanding leader, but who you follow can define you as a leader, follow the right people and you have found good soil.

2015 Cover