I Said From East to West, HOBY Staff is the Best! Meet the Staff of #CTHOBY18!

Hey, HOBY! As we are only about 90 days away from Arrival Day at the 2018 Connecticut HOBY Seminar, it’s time to announce our Volunteers who, with all of their enthusiasm and excitement, will bring our Seminar to life this year!

So, without further ado, let’s first introduce the Seminar Planning Team, and our Connecticut HOBY Corporate Board, who work tirelessly all year to make our Leadership Seminar, and other activities with our Alumni Association, come to fruition in a truly OUTSTANDING way!
Making up this amazing team are:
Leadership Seminar Chair Mike Roy
Seminar Vice Chair Shilpa Taneja
Director of Operations Renée Rushefski
Director of Communications and Media Natalie Gaudette
Director of Programs Adetinpo Thomas
Director of Recruitment and Ambassador Relations Robert Baurley
Director of Facilitators Kitty Moon Dorsey
Director of Junior Staff Courtney McHale
Corporate Board President Dan Lipman
Corporate Board Vice President Drew Granucci
Corporate Board Treasurer Justin Zartman
and Corporate Board Members-at-Large Marianne Cavalieri and Terri Saulter!
You may have noticed that we have yet to find a Medic! If you possess the qualifications for this role, and are interested in ensuring the medical well-being of our Seminar’s Ambassadors and Staff, please reach out to Leadership Seminar Chair Mike Roy (mroy@cthoby.org).
Now, make sure you’re Alive, Awake, Alert, and Enthusiastic to meet our fabulous Group Facilitators! These dedicated HOBY Volunteers will lead groups of roughly ten student Ambassadors through the HOBY Seminar experience, from our first Personal Leadership module on Friday, all the way through Closing on Sunday.
Meet our Senior Facilitators:
Tim Mason, Jon Shapiro, Monica Mordowanec, Joe Wyrwas, Tori Russo, Tucker Beckett, Matt Plaks, Sunny Stanfield, Kyle Owens, Jacqueline Dilley, Onyeka Aniemeka, Hayley Feola, Sofia Martone, Robert Baurley, Matt Schaefer, Brendan Hegarty, Shannon McHale, Lila Berenholz, and Tyler Navarro!
And our Junior Facilitators!
Bianca LaBella, Ashley Evans, Maddie Gidman, Rudy Kurup, Mimi Leonard, Courtney Litts, Akash Mishra, Julie Morrelli, Julia Pietruszka, Dylan Rispoli, Laura Sokoloski, Libby Vandal, Rachel Moon, Kristine Gutierrez, Jackie Kasinskas, Jamie Long, Colton Varholek, Ethan Moores, and Chris Maffuid!
Now, let’s hear it for the Operations Team! Responsible for all of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the HOBY Seminar, from making sure Ambassadors can get into their rooms on Arrival Day, to moving supplies and Seminar elements, to even ensuring our Ambassadors are nourished with each meal, this team is quite literally the backbone of CT HOBY 2018!
Showin’ us how they #DontStopOppThat as members of the Operations Senior Staff, are:
Kelly AuCoin, Chris Berry, Jill Durso, and Ian Proctor!
And, our members of Team Alumni!
Emma DiLauro, Cami Cordoway, Jess Reid, Jill Goldberg, and Greg Winkelstern!
Now that we’ve covered the behind-the-scenes members of the Connecticut HOBY Staff, say “Hey, Burrito!” to the team responsible for presenting our Leadership Seminar curriculum to Ambassadors, overseeing Panels and whole-group events such as the Talent Showcase, and even your occasional HOBY Cheer: our Programs Team! Presenting:
Tess Harkin, Jenna Pan, Nick Fech, Jenaea Duddie, Samantha Lovering, Claire Regan, Marcus Manson, and Paulina Karwowski!
Finally, and last but most certainly not least, is our Media Team! Documenting this life-changing weekend as it unfolds through social media, and producing a weekend-in-review slideshow for Closing, our Media Team will always be there to capture Seminar as it happens! Meet the team:
Maja Peszko, Dylan Shumway, Sydney Sparks, Kellyanne Cahill, Joshua Magri, and Josh Schaffer!
And, that’s the team! We cannot wait to see how this built Staff will show you the world at Connecticut HOBY 2018!
Interested in applying to be an Alternate? Check out the two applications that you’ll need to fill out here, https://hoby.formstack.com/forms/ctvolunteerapp2018 and https://reg.hoby.org/HOBYVolunteerApplication/.

written by Nicholas Fech