We'll Be Back: The Ambassadors Returning Home

While the ambassadors might have traveled from all across Connecticut to attend the seminar this weekend, we strive to make sure that no one forgets where they come from. At HOBY CT they had the opportunity to learn about themselves, and how to lead as an individual and as a group within society. With this knowledge we hope that they will take the information back to their communities and putting it to good use, by starting projects of their own. Knowing that each county is different in its makeup and needs, we hope that the respective students will use the information they learned in the best ways for their community when they go back home on Sunday.
At CT HOBY we were made up of 148 total ambassadors. We had 9 from Litchfield County (6.1%), 32 from Hartford County (21.6%), 10 from Tolland County (6.7%), 6 from Windham County (4.1%), 28 from Fairfield County (18.9%), 25 from New Haven County (16.8%), 19 from Middlesex County (12.8%), and 19 from New London County (12.8%).
Students from each county were interviewed and asked, what is unique about your county and what service projects would you like to start or see started to better your community back at home after HOBY ends?
These are their responses:

Litchfield County

Halena Weymouth

In a county including around 36 towns, ever community is unique. In her town there may only be 60 kids in her graduating class but one town over it may be 200.

She’d like to see some art programs for kids kick-start in her school, where they could involve the whole community. She also thinks that starting programs around her to integrate volunteerism and leadership into the community would prove beneficial to those in her age group.

Hartford County

Carli Michaud

While there is a large city, within the small towns in the county, everyone knows each other. The community is very tight knit and interconnected.

She would like to see clothing drives started in order to help the homeless that reside in the greater Hartford area.

Tolland County

Emily Bliss

Her county is very colonial, you can go to almost any town and still find the town green with a centralized church and school.

Emily would like to see a Music program that’s already in place grow and get extended to the younger kids in her community.

Windham County

Lexie Purcell

Her county is located in the upper northeast of Connecticut and can be seen as being called the “quiet corner.” It is extremely rural and embodies the small town vibe, being home to some of the oldest fairs in Connecticut.

She would like to take her influence in her schools student council and direct their goals towards those that are more based on volunteerism and community service.

Fairfield County

Cora Ruiz

Within all the towns in this area, we are a very close knit group and try to work together already.

She would like to return home to use HOBY knowledge to further her service project called “Monthly Mission” where she collects hygiene products for homeless and impoverished women.

New Haven County

Sydney Sherrick

In New Haven County, it is majorly populated in a rather small area.

Sydney would like to see ‘blessing bags’ a program that already exists in the area for helping people out of homelessness to get brought to her school and expanded within her populated community.

Middlesex County

Arjun Badami

His county is a place that is nice to live, with a beautiful atmosphere. You can find people of all walks of life in this loving community. The level of diversity is a center point of what it’s built upon.

Arjun would like to see projects around him that are more inclusive, and hopes those that have already started, such as March 4 Our Lives, grow near him as well.

New London County

Sana Gupta & Graysen Scherer

They characterize their county as one based around big business and the military base nearby. Every member of the community is hard working and works towards their goals wholeheartedly. Yet because of their location so close to the sea, having fun at the beach is also a piece of their culture.

They’d like to see two different projects, a mini care package based on mouth hygiene including toothbrushes and toothpaste. As well as a program to help teach senior citizens at the senior center how to use technology like an email or Facebook to stay connected much like everyone else does.



Following Saturday’s SMART Goals lesson, and the presentation of their goals this morning, it is clear that all ambassadors are ready to take their hopes for the changes they want to see at home and make them a reality with the knowledge and connections that they gained at HOBY this weekend.