The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is HOBY’s free, introductory one-day leadership program for high school freshmen that is designed to help develop critical thinking skills by actively involving participants in experiential learning and critical dialog. HOBY CLeW students participate in group activities, engage with local community leaders, and conduct community service projects. CLeWs are organized, developed, and implemented by local volunteers, HOBY partners, and HOBY Alumni. Some schools nominate freshmen to attend, but any Connecticut high school freshman may apply independently of their school.

Our 2024 CLeW’s will be held on the following dates:

  • March 16, 2024 – In-person at University of Connecticut

Application link coming soon!


  • When will specific workshop information be put out?
    • Login information will be sent out the weekend before the workshop.
  • What kind of program is planned?
    • During your HOBY CLeW experience, participants will engage with dynamic leaders and participate in interactive activities. The program will not promote any specific political party, business, religion or way of thinking; it is designed to develop thinking skills by actively involving workshop participants in discussions and informal dialogs. During the workshop, participants will be asked to become part of HOBY’s commitment to “Leadership for Service” and use their leadership abilities to make a difference in their school, community, place of worship, or other environments where they see a need.
  • What is the cost of the workshop?
    • CLeW is an entirely free program.
  • What should I do about lunch?
    • Students will have a 30 minutes lunch break during the program as well as additional short breaks throughout the program.
  • What if I am unable to attend the workshop?
    • If the circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the entire CLeW, we would like to give another students the opportunity to attend. Please contact the person at your school who selected you, and follow up with an email to, so that we may adjust our records and obtain and alternate students from your school to attend the seminar.
  • Whom may I contact should I have additional questions?
    • Additional questions or concerns can be directed to
  • What should I do next?
    • With your parents or guardian, carefully review, complete and sign the registration forms. Act now, as each workshop is limited to 50 participants!