High school students throughout Connecticut and the United States participate in local HOBY programs, including alumni service projects and excursions, and the weekend HOBY leadership seminar conducted each spring. Volunteering with HOBY CT will add you to a group of 4,000 volunteers, committed to making a difference for the youth of their state. We recruit new volunteers regularly to serve on a different volunteer planning committees and the corporate board. There are many ways to participate and make a difference:

  • Work directly with students during the programs as Adult Facilitators (21 y/o or older)
  • Organize speaker panels and plan leadership building activities
  • Recruit schools and students to participate
  • Assist with fundraising and gathering donated items
  • Provide oversight and guidance by serving on the Corporate Board of Directors

If you have any questions or know you are ready to join your local HOBY team and make an impact on today’s youth, please email lsc@cthoby.org and we will find out how to utilize your passion and energy.


Our primary event, the Connecticut HOBY Leadership Seminar, will take place June 6th- June 9th, 2024 at Southern Connecticut State University, with more than 150 sophomores in attendance. During the weekend, you will join “HOBY Ambassadors” from our state, as well as many other volunteers, to enjoy a unique leadership experience. We will present multiple viewpoints on important issues and encourage students to think critically about leadership, and also begin to identify their own particular leadership strengths. The seminar will be an enjoyable experience in a stimulating workshop environment. We tell Ambassadors that what they get out of the seminar will correlate directly with their level of participation in the activities, and you as a volunteer will help them interact to get the most of this experience.

Our volunteer application can be found HERE!

Please ensure that you thoroughly review and complete all of the forms ASAP. The priority deadline for volunteer applications is January 1, 2024. This deadline is for both this site application and your annual HOBY International Online Application.

If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Litts or Josh Magri, Co-Leadership Seminar Chairs, at the email addresses below. We are delighted to have you as part of this HOBY event and are grateful for the time and leadership you have volunteered!

Courtney Litts
Co-Leadership Seminar Chair
Josh Magri
Co-Leadership Seminar Chair


Do you remember your experience as a HOBY ambassador? As HOBY alumni, you have the unique ability to be selected as a member of Team Alumni to volunteer at your local seminar, and help give this outstanding experience to future ambassadors! Team Alumni assist the seminar planning committee and facilitators, and providing a positive role model of volunteerism to their younger peers. Common seminar functions provided by Team Alumni include facility set-up and clean-up, seminar greeters, cheerleaders and more. Each Team Alumni member will get the opportunity to work with the different branches of our Leadership Seminar Planning Team, and learn how they function to support CT HOBY. The first step is to becoming Team Alumni is to participate in “Pass the Torch of Spirit” and ensure that a sophomore student has been registered to represent your high school at the seminar. The second step is to apply to be a part of Team Alumni.